Ichinen Sanzen 
Shoten Zenjin 
Go kan nen mon 
  (silent prayers) 
Itai Doshin 
Buddha (Butsu) 
Rissho Ankoku Ron 

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The Imagery of Nichiren's Lotus Sutra - Other Characters of Interest to Buddhists 
Kosen Rufu in Chinese  
Ko is composed of a roof on top. Under the roof is a hand on the left and an elbow on the right. The elbow extends the hand beyond the reach of the household. It means “vast,” “ample,” “spacious” (Wieger, p. 412); suggesting extension, “vast,” “grand” ( 
Sen is the image of a roof (on top) over a swirling expanse (below). The images below the roof mean: “To make a complete revolution, either on oneself or through and through, or from one end to the other” (Wieger, p. 198); “swirling between top and bottom” ( The whole character means: “to promulgate” (Wieger, p.694), “to announce,” or “to proclaim” (
On the left of Ru is the image of a stream with swirls of water. On the right is a plant bursting through the ground and dividing into more plants. It means: “flowing” and “copious” (Wieger, p. 730); “abundant” (
On the right of Fu is a piece of coarse cloth that has been woven together. At the left top is a phonetic primitive (it is the image of a hand with a staff, with the meaning to instruct or to guide). The whole character means “to spread out,” “to display,” to “explain” (Wieger, p. 96); “announce,” “deploy” (
Note: All references to Wieger are to Chinese Characters: Their origin, etymology, history, classification and signification, by Dr. L. Wieger, S.J. (1965), published by Dover. 
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