Q: Why would Nichiren Daishonin assign the Dai-Gohonzon to a virtually unknown person, by the name of Yashiro Kunishigi?
A: There is a profound reason why Nichiren Daishonin chose the name of a virtually unknown person, as the recipient of the Dai-Gohonzon. Throughout his life, the Daishonin regarded the ordinary people (and not priests or government authorities) as the recipients of his teachings for attaining Buddhahood. There is no social or historical record of Yashiro Kunishigi, and his name’s appearance in the DaiGohonzon signifies a function — that of representing the individual human being, who is aspiring for Buddhahood.

Some argue that a “Gohonzon for all humanity” should have been dedicated to one of the six major priests or even to the ruler of the country, rather than to an unknown person.  Such a view, however, lacks understanding of the Daishonin's intent of dedicating his teachings for the purpose of enlightenment of all people, starting from the socially unknown and oppressed common mortals. 

Nichiren’s Buddhism starts from the individual, and the Dai-Gohonzon is bestowed upon the individual who aspires for attaining Buddhahood according to Nichiren’s teachings. 

This work has been compiled by individual SGI members and is solely our personal opinion, based on years of practice and study.