"Gakkai Website Abuses the Gohonzon": 
It is not, of course, a "Gakkai website", and SG-eye knows this they name the person responsible for it. Nor did she, while writing for the World Tribune, "advise members to play the saxophone during prayers." (In an article about rigid adherence to formality, she said that bell ringing not "during prayers" but, as is practiced in both SGI and Nichiren Shoshu, at the beginning and end of chanting was not a necessary ingredient for happiness, and that any pleasant sound or no sound could be employed; a saxophone was an example; in its section entitled "Heresy," SG-eye quotes the one sentence from this article as if it were the whole article.)

"A Message of Hope":
SG-eye got a letter from a Gakkai member.

"May: SGI Attacks Its Own Members"
After three years of the Independent Reassessment Group publicly airing its suggestions, and publicly demanding a response, the SGI responded publicly. To no one's surprise, it announced that many of the IRG's suggestions run counter to the mission and philosophy of the SGI.

But it did not "attack" members. SG-eye maintains:

"In a move that is causing outrage in Soka Gakkai circles, SGI-USA launched a dramatic attack on some of its own members."

"It attacks the IRG group as being unbuddhist and bans members from speaking about them at meetings."

Just looking at the extremely edited version that SG-eye's own link sends us to, it's plain that the SGI has not "dramatically attacked on some of its own members", it has not called them "un-Buddhist". 

The memo says: "SGI-USA always welcomes dialogue, and always strives to improve the organization, but here are some points to keep in mind regarding the IRG."

It does not say "Don't join the IRG," or "The IRG must cease operations," or "No one should associate with the IRG." It says dialogue will continue, but "here are some points to keep in mind." And those points have to do with the possibility of confusion, among some members, that the IRG is an official group within the SGI; it is not, the Memo makes clear, adding that, therefore, it can't use official SGI meetings as forums for its cause. And, in citing the Daishonin's teachings, the Memo explains why it has not adopted the IRG agenda precisely what the IRG, and Nichiren Shoshu themselves do, in public discourse.

SG-eye adds:

"The memo also speaks out against members receiving mandalas that have not been sanctioned by the Gakkai a precedent that the organisation itself created in a document entitled Reaffirming our right to happiness, when they started distributing their own bootleg Gohonzons."
The booklet Reaffirming Our Right to Happiness explains why it is not necessary for the High Priest of Nichiren Shoshu to "open the eyes" of Gohonzon scrolls, and relates some of the history of Gohonzon production within Nichiren Shoshu to show that Nichiren Shoshu itself does not follow its own stated policy. Memo PLN argues that the SGI, as the organization that is promoting the Daishonin's ideals and spreading his Buddhism throughout the world, is the correct body of believers to distribute the Daishonin's Gohonzon. 

The text of the pamphlet Reaffirming Our Right to Happiness is available at's "News" Table of Contents:

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