It's Mystic!!!!! 
By Manik Singhani

My name is Manik Singhani, and I am from India.

I study at one of the universities in Georgia in the United States. The experience that I am going to share with you is my best friend's and I am doing this because he introduced me to this wonderful practice of the Mystic Law.

My friend's name is Rahul Talwar and we are both the same age.

Last winter, I went back to India for Christmas break. At that time my best friend, Rahul, was looking for a job. He didn't do well in high school, and with the kind of job competition in India, it is really necessary to do well in your studies. He had been trying to pass exams to become a company secretary.

One thing that Rahul is really sincere about is practicing the Mystic Law. Just guessing, Id say he was introduced to this practice about 3 years ago.

Now, he had to apply for these jobs, and as all the people do, he applied to the best firms in New Delhi, India. At the same time, he kept on chanting for a good job.

One day he received an interview call from a company. During his interview, the interviewer (who was also the CEO and owner of that firm) said to him, "Do you think you could get this job with the kind of grades you have?"

His answer was, "Yes!"

They asked him to write an essay on "Responsibility," and what he wrote was what he had learned from his study of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. When the employers read the essay, they were impressed, and they asked him what was SGI, and Rahul explained it to them.

He was hired the same day.

Later, he applied to a company that is number one in India, and to one of the leading companies in the United States. He faxed them his application. After a couple of days, when he called them to find out the status of the application, the answer was "No Vacancy". He still kept chanting for the job.

One day, very mystically, he received a call from them. He went in for an interview, and along with many other questions, they asked him what he believed in. He replied, "The Gohonzon" and explained to them what he meant. Like the previous company, he was hired the same day.

I share this experience because it gives us proof of how mystic the "Mystic Law" really is. All I want to say is that we should all continuously chant, and carry on with our faith, because it has immeasurable power.

Manik Singhani