12) “New Frontier Party Is the Party of the SGI” “Problems Within the Komeito and the Soka Gakkai”

 More politics. The latter story was written by a Kunio Naito, who was a founder of the now-defunct “April Alliance.” This was a group of politicians, journalists and religious leaders (a couple of Nichiren Shoshu priests attended their inaugural meeting) whose stated purpose was to crush the Soka Gakkai. In furtherance of that aim, they were responsible for many of the stories trying to link the SGI to the Aum sect and its gassing of the Tokyo subway. In other words, it was a group that took advantage of the tragedy to further its political agenda. 

 “The LDP’s strategy apparently influenced the formation on May 12 of Shigatsu Kai, which, oddly enough, translates to April Meeting. The organization is made up of a diverse mix of religious groups, scholars and others whose only common denominator appeared to be the desire to form an anti-Soka Gakkai front.” 
The Nikkei Weekly, May 30, 1994, p. 4.

“The anti-Soka Gakkai group, “April Alliance,” founded by critics and anti-Soka Gakkai religious groups, is reportedly working with politicians who oppose the Komeito party and the extent of Soka Gakkai’s religious power. 

“Media reports said leaders of current coalition parties including Premier Tomiichi Murayama of the Social Democratic Party of Japan and Yohei Kono, president of the LDP, attended the April Alliance’s foundation ceremony in June.” 
Deutsche Presse-Agentur, November 5, 1994

“Japan is home to a frenzied anti-Ikeda industry, where tabloid coverage has affected his public image and blurred the lines between suspicion and fact, imagination and reality.” 
Los Angeles Times, March 15, 1996, p. A1

That’s all we need to know about Mr. Naito and his “reporting”. 

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