3) “Los Angeles Times” 
This is more coverage of the “uniformed mob invades temple” story discredited earlier. 

Mr. Bratcher keeps posting this, but he is the one who has expressed the opinion that the LA Times reporters are unethical and bend their reporting to suit their agenda. For example: In 1997 the LA Times did a very balanced story, including an interview with Mr. Ikeda, by reporter Teresa Watanabe. That story reported the allegations about the Gakkai in Japan, but also reported that none have been proven, and in the ones that have been officially investigated, the Gakkai has been completely cleared of any wrongdoing.

That, to Mr. Bratcher, was offensive, and he couldn’t let it stand without trying to discredit the story. Here’s how he tried:

Subject: Re: NST’s obsessive hatred of the SGI 
From: jqpublic@nospan.netnitco.net (Craig Bratcher) 
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 1997 17:06:09 GMT Message-ID: <33623568.1082956@news.netnitco.net>

>Do you have any proof to the claim that Theresa Watanabe is the daughter 
>of a former NST priest? I thought I read someone say that before, but I 
>never read where they got the information. 

>Thank you. 


Pat: Don’t you read the SGI World Fibune? That was one of the main selling points to her story, that she is the daughter of a defrocked NS priest. That’s how she was supposed to have learned all the inside information such as: Nikken Shonin inscribing Gohonzons in his UNDERWEAR! The High Priest hitting people on the head with his FAN!

And other busy-body gossipy crap.

Where did he get this information? HE MADE IT UP!! There was no such item in the World Tribune and in fact, when contacted about it, Ms. Watanabe revealed that she had been born and raised in America, that her grandparents were Christian missionaries — there was NO possible source for Mr. Bratcher to have gotten the information that she is “the daughter of a defrocked priest”, nothing he could have even misunderstood to mean that.

But he couldn’t stand a story about the Gakkai that wasn’t completely negative. So he lied. He invented a story to discredit a reporter — and thus discredit her objective story about the Gakkai. He lied about the ethics of the newspaper he is so comfortable quoting here.

4) “Straits Times” 
The headline Cebunet gives this story is “Buddhist Monks Attacked by SGI Members in Singapore”, but actually the story doesn’t say that at all. It is a report from June of 1991 — just as the split between the SGI and Nichiren Shoshu was occurring — about a confrontation. The story never says “monks were attacked”; it says that Nichiren Shoshu members say SGI members confronted them, and SGI members say Nichiren Shoshu members confronted them. It also says the police planned to investigate further: either they didn’t find anything worth being reported in the Straits Times, or what they found does not serve the Cebunet-SG-eye agenda and so is suppressed.

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