11) “New York Times (2 stories):
    A. Soka Gakkai Linked to Tokyo Stock Scandal”: 
This is the same scandal mentioned in the “Soka University Network” story SG-eye features in another section. This story mentions that the Soka Gakkai received payments from a brokerage that engaged in illegal activity. It does not say (as Mr. Bratcher would have you believe it does) that the Soka Gakkai did anything illegal, or even knew anything illegal was transpiring.

      B. “Money Found In Dump”: 
This is one of Mr. Bratcher’s favorites on ARBN. The story is from July 1989, and was also featured in the Boston Globe. 

Nichiren Shoshu/SG-eye/Cebunet are really lying to you on this one, as they try to pass the story off as currently viable. It details the discovery, in a dump, of a safe containing over a million dollars in cash. The safe belonged to the Soka Gakkai, and initial speculation was that it was part of a political slush fund.

It was investigated, and the resolution was reported as Nichiren Shoshu knows.

Japan Economic Newswire October 16, 1989, Monday

Dateline: Yokohama, Oct. 16

Police on Monday returned a total of 175 million yen in cash found last june in a discarded safe to a former official of the Buddhist lay organization Soka Gakkai.

Haruo Nakanishi, 60, former managing director of Soka Gakkai’s daily Seikyo Shimbun, was given 10,000-yen bank notes totaling 175 million yen by police officials at Asahi police station in Yokohama. 

According to police, the safe was discovered on June 30 at the Yokohama All Seiso Co, an industrial waste company in Yokohama’s Asahi Ward.

After getting back his money, Nakanishi told reporters that he will give 35 million yen in reward to the Yokohama All Seiso Co. Donate the cash to the Japanese Red Cross Society and other charitable organizations.

Police found that the safe was shipped out of Nippon Tosho Yuso’s office in Toda, Saitama prefecture, on June 26 by the Yokohama recycling company Kyowa Kogyo. Nippon Tosho Yuso transports a daily newspaper and other publications for Soka Gakkai.

On July 3, Nakanishi reported to police that he owned the safe and the money, which he said he had earned by running a souvenir shop at a temple in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Nakanishi, however, never reported the earnings to tax authorities. The omission triggered speculation that it was a “slush fund” Nakanishi handled for Komeito, an opposition party backed by Soka Gakkai.

Komeito has denied any connection and Nakanishi was fired from his Seikyo Shimbun position on Friday last week.

Police quoted Nakanishi as saying that he stored the money in a safe and kept it in a Seikyo Shimbun underground warehouse and forgot about it.

Police checked up on Nakanishi’s claim in detail and decided to return the money, officials said.

On September 28, police also returned 235.21 million yen found in a bamboo grove in Kawasaki last April to a company president who claimed that he had left the cash in hopes that the lucky finder would donate the money to charity. 
Copyright 1989 Kyodo News Service

 Nichiren Shoshu and Mr. Bratcher are well aware of this follow-up story. 

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